//Excellent Data Protection against insider threats

We protect companies against insider threats. 80% of companies suffer data loss through employee errors or malicious acts. You can run your company without risking the loss of valuable intellectual property, copyrights or other data.

Data Loss Prevention

  1. Prevent data leaks and help investigate incidents.
  2. Ensure regulatory compliance
  3. Prevent human errors and deliberate malicious actions

Insider threat detection

  1. Early security threat detection and response
  2. Holistic behaviour analysis
  3. Insight into company workspace, digital assets, and

Regulatory compliance

  1. Discover, audit, and secure personally identifiable information, protected health information, and financial data
  2. Visualize sensitive data and control how they are accessed and worked with
  3. Have a clear audit trail of past security events and get automated security reports
  4. Protect employee privacy while complying with data protection regulations

Data channels Protected

  1. file sharing and social media
  2. email, Microsoft 365 media
  3. internet (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, etc. )
  4. cloud( Dropbox, Google Drive, etc )
  5.  Connection (Bluetooth, Firewire)
  6. instant messaging applications
  7. removable storage
  8. media, operation


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