Out-of-the-Box Solution to secure sensitive data from threats posed by portable storage device, cloud services and mobile devices
  • In a world where portable, lifestyle devices, and the cloud are transforming the way we work and live, Endpoint Protector is designed to protect confidential data against insider threats, while maintaining productivity and making work more convenient, secure and enjoyable.
  • The blacklist and whitelist-based approach grants flexibility in policy building. Organizations have the option to prohibit the use of specific removable devices and data transfers to file cloud sharing applications and other online services, to scan for certain PIIs, but to allow transfers to specific URLs and domain names for certain computers/users/groups, avoiding task interruption.
  • With Endpoint Protector being offered as hardware or virtual appliance, it can be setup in minutes. Moreover, the responsive management interface allows managing policies and checking reports from any device, from desktop to tablet.
  • Endpoint Protector dramatically reduces the risks posed by internal threats that could lead to data being leaked, stolen, or otherwise compromised. In addition to these, compliance with various rules and regulations is also met.

How it Works

Content Aware Protection

Control confidential data leaving your network through various exit points: e-mails, cloud storage,
social media and other online applications. The most advanced solution of its kind for macOS and
Set Rights: Per User | Computer | Group | Globally
Set Filters: Per File Extensions | Predefined Content | Custom Content | Regular Expressions
Set Alerts: Reported | Blocked


Scans sensitive data residing on employees computers and provides the option
to encrypt or delete discovered data.
Set up scanning: Per Department | Computer | Group
Set policy blacklists: Per File Type | Predefined Content | Custom Content | Regular Expressions |
File Name | HIPAA regulated data
Start scan: Clean | Incremental

Device Control

For Windows, macOS, and Linux
The most granular solution of its kind on the market, allowing control of USB and other
portable storage devices.
Set Rights: Per Device | User | Computer | Group | Custom Class | Globally
Set Access: Allow Access | Deny Access | Read-only Access | etc.
Set Alerts: Connected | Disconnected | Enable if TD 1 | etc.

Mobile Device Management

Manage the mobile device fleet by enforcing security, management of applications,
push of network settings, geofencing and more. One of the most user-friendly solution
on the market.Security Enforcement: Password | Encryption | etc.
Security if Lost: Track| Locate | Lock | Wipe
Manage Applications: Identify | Push | Remove | etc.
Manage Networks: E-mail | WiFi | VPN | etc.

Enforced Encryption

EasyLock – USB Enforced Encryption with Endpoint Protector

  • Authorize only encrypted USB devices and ensure all data transfers
    are automatically secured
  • EasyLock is automatically deployed on connected USB devices if
    Endpoint Protector client is installed


EasyLock – Data Encryption for Windows and macOS

  • Password-based military strength AES 256 bits encryption
  •  Intuitive drag & drop and copy/paste features
  •  Available for USB, Local Folder, Cloud, CDs & DVDs