Resilient Active Directory 
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Disrupt the adversaries’ Active Directroy Kill Chain with FSProtect

FSProtect is designed to significantly restrict adversary maneuverability within your network. By rapidly detecting and addressing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and hidden attack paths within the complex relationships of Active Directory, FSProtect enhances your defense mechanisms within minutes. This proactive approach helps to fortify your AD environment against advanced threats and reduces the risk of unauthorized access and lateral movement by malicious actors.

Active Directory?

Active Directory is the key point to take over the network as a whole and discovering one weak spot is enough for compromising all connected assets at once. With the growth of the corporate, the domain environment becomes more complex because of merges and modifications. Thus, entities in the environment become more interdependent with each other.

AD Inventory Enumeration1N-02

AD Inventory Enumeration

Localuser & Localgroup Enumeration1N-02

Local user & Local group Enumeration

AD Vulnerability Assesment

AD Vulnerability Assessment

Agentless Scanning

Agentless Scanning

Detailed Vulnerability Documentation

Detailed Vulnerability Documentation

Graph Visualization

Graph Visualization

Downloadable PDF Reports_1N-02

Downloadable PDF Reports

API Interface1N-02

API Interface


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