End Point Security & EDR

Modern Security Operations need modern solutions for end-points. With the advent of advanced threats and threat actors, solutions that are behavior based and those that support continuous protection are a must. We partner with the best in the industry to protect end-points and help mitigate risks.

Solutions for Business & Consumer:

DLP, Risk Mgmt, Activity Monitoring & Mobile Device Mgmt

Monitoring the activities of users, helps Prevent critical Data Leakage and Monitor users across the end-points. A solution that ensures access from devices are always audited and managed.


Data Privacy Protection

Data Exfiltration causes millions in losses for organizations. And it happens because of lack of controls due to incomplete Threat Intelligence and low frequency of posture assessment. We work with world-class solutions in this domain and can address customers of all sizes.


Web Application Firewall & Web Filtering

Web workloads and the interface to the outer world needs protection from threat actors because these are the first lines of breaches. Protecting your web-facing apps from threats and ensuring monitoring of incoming and outgoing web traffic is a must. We can help with some amazing solutions.


Security Awareness Training‚Äč

People are the last line of defense for any organization. Attackers play on knowledge and understanding of the people within organizatons. Many employees are not able to differentiate between phishing attacks versus regular communication and fall prey as a result. Making all employees aware of how they can be attacked is a must.


Security Operations Centre & MDR

Mature organizations that have SoC setups need a good Security Information and Event Management tools. Along with the above, every organization needs a mature managed detection and response setup, which is manned by experts in the Cybersecurity space. We work with both categories of alliances.


Business Mailing Solutions

In this Digital Economy, it is critical to have a solid and differentiated presence online. Your communication matters and you need a scalable, safe and unique solution to reach the market and your customers. We provide solutions in this space through our unique alliances.


OCR & New Age Document Solution

Workflow integration for physical documents and converting these physical documents into digital format are a must for any organization, especially for paper-heavy companies. We help provide solutions to automate the data capture process to ensure quicker turnarounds.


Document Management Solutions

End-to-end document management solutions for growing enterprise businesses. Simplify your complex document workflows and create superior, next-gen experiences.