Highly Efficient Security Monitoring

Today’s Cyber Security Threats need high efficiency and continous detection engineering.Peregrine team is a focussed group to help you monitor Cyber Security Posture continously.

Product Description

We have designed Peregrine Cyber Protection Services considering advanced threats affecting organizations. Modern threats needs a modern approach.

Peregrine provides comprehensive Cyber Security Services it focuses on Threat Mapping, Deep Monitoring, Security Analytics and Recommendations Our research oriented approach offer customized protection rather than one size fits all approach.

We build Peregrine to offer comprehensive Cyber Security Protection Services. We believe that Cyber Security Protection should be built according to the unique requirements of an organisation, not one size fits all approach.

Why Peregrine

We are very passionate about quality of our services. We will be able to function as your extended team

Quick Response

We alert you about confirmed threats. A detailed threat report is sent to you through email and also available on our customer portal

Extensive Visibility

We analyze your infrastructure, applications and database logs and alerts using our cloud-based detection engine composed of thousands of behavioral analytic use cases.

Research Based

Our team is continuously developing and upgrading the platform and adding threat intelligence information to defend against evolving threats.

Evolving Detections

Our team of experts develops and maintains threat detection methods for attacker techniques and investigates every potential threat through established methods and technologies.

Peregrine Features

Our SoC services is evolving continuously to meet threats faced by the organizations