Zerospam is the only cloud-based email security protection providing an unparalleled, AI-powered filtering technology, engineered by experts to be highly accurate and remarkably simple to use, for small and medium businesses and beyond because we care about your safety in an era of unprecedented cyber risk to your #1 communication method.

When it comes to email security, we’ve got you covered.

Zerospam’s the perfect security complement to any server: cloud or on-prem, G Suite or M 365.

Technical & Security Features
  • 100% automated provisioning. Setup ready within minutes.
  •  99.9 % catch rate validated by a third party (VBSpam). Low FP rate.
  •  Superior protection against spearphishing, ransomware, viruses, malware, email DDOS and undesirable emails.
  •  Built-in redundancy ensuring high service availability.
  •  Cumulus client interface gives access to quarantine, communication logs, filtering parameters, user management, and more. MFA-secured. User actions audited.
  •  Rules updated daily by our experts to block new threats. Updates applied automatically: no downtime or interruptions.
  •  Advanced security enabled by default: SPF/DMARC checks; SMTPs (TLS); Machine Learning filters email content.
  •  Free Outlook plugin & M365 Add-In to easily report undesirable messages with a single click.


Complete protection

Zerospam provides complete protection against all forms of harmful and undesirable email messages. This includes ransomware and all other types of malware, spear phishing, phishing, DOS attacks, messages containing dangerous links and harmful attachments, good old-fashioned spam and rogue newsletters.

High accuracy rate

Zerospam has a VBSpam-proven catch rate of 99.9%. This has been proven test after test by a reputed and neutral third party (Virus Bulletin) since March 2012. Furthermore, legitimate messages are very rarely blocked. On 6 different occasions so far, Zerospam has earned the VBSpam+ award which requires a catch-rate of at least 99.95% with 0 false positives during a test.

Unnoticeable email transmission delays

The passage of your email through the Zerospam infrastructure typically requires less than 2 seconds. Email is mission-critical and your Anti-Spam solution should never delay it.


Easy quarantine management

The Zerospam quarantines are smaller and easier to manage because they only contain about 10% of the spam detected, which are the only ones that might be interesting. It also contains a lot of valuable information to enable customers to

  • Quick mouse-over view of the first few lines of each message
  • Detailed information in the From field highlighting the différence entre sending the real address and the sending address Declared
  • Visual clues alerting customers to the presence of phishing messages and messages containing dangerous executable files
No spam dial

Some solutions enable customers to play around with the world of filtering. We think they want their email sent. So that’s what we’re trying to do for every customer by adjusting our own systems to new campaigns and new detection techniques. You will not be able to play with any spam dial. Because that’s our job.

Easy declarative licensing

When you sign-on with Zerospam, you do not need to define the list of your users or enter their address in our interface. By default, all existing valid addresses will be filtered. Billing is based on which you should exclude aliases and distribution lists. Our customers are required to update their bill of exchange.

What happens when you add a user? Nothing. You do not need to be notified of this. No hassle and no micro billing adjustments.



Zerospam customers can rely on strong service availability based on built-in redundancy. The Zerospam network comprises over 25 filtering nodes under constant monitoring hosted on servers distributed across our 3 Canadian-based data centers (see Network Map). Each customer is given a set of fail-over MX records pointing to servers located in different data centers. Thus, even the temporary failure of an entire data center would have no impact on our customer’s email delivery.


TLS is fully supported and active by default, thus ensuring that email cannot be deciphered during transit by any of the Internet Service Providers through which messages are relayed on their way to their final destination. For customers in the financial sector, TLS can also be made mandatory for outbound messages sent to key partners. The Zerospam’s Terms of Service, which is sent to all customers when they sign up for the free trial guarantees in writing that none of our customers’ email will be recorded, archived, or reproduced. It further stipulates that Zerospam commits to protecting the confidentiality of its clients’ list of electronic addresses and will not disclose, share, or sell them to a third party.

Find out more about how Zerospam ensures your confidentiality.

5-day automatic queuing and Email Continuity

All our customers’ gateways are under constant monitoring. When a customer’s server is down, incoming email is automatically queued free of charge on our servers for 5 days. The client’s emergency technical contact is proactively notified of the situation. As soon as the problem server is up and running, queued messages are delivered.

If the outage cannot be resolved quickly enough, customers can request our Email Continuity service.

Protection from your weakest link in the security chain

Today, 80% of security breaches are not technology-based, they’re people-based. Zerospam’s unique approach to quarantine management is designed for optimal security and efficiency and protects you against your greatest security risk: your own users.

Outbound filtering protects your reputation

Zerospam can also filter your outbound email in order to protect your reputation. This valuable service is optional and subject to a small additional fee. Find out more about ZEROSPAM’s Outbound filtering.


Accurately blocking spam and dangerous messages is not an easy thing to do, but that alone does not define a great email filtering job. Making sure that legitimate messages are delivered is also key.

The margin of error is very low on both sides of this fine line but a few blocked legitimate messages (called False Positives or FPs) can have a great impact on daily operations.

The Zerospam solution has a very low proven FP rate. This has been proven test after test by a reputed and neutral third party (Virus Bulletin) since March 2012. On 6 different occasions so far, Zerospam has earned the VBSpam+ award which requires no false positives during a single test. Typically, in the first few weeks of service, new customers will release a few legitimate messages from the quarantine, make corresponding entries in the sender’s whitelist and then stop monitoring the quarantine altogether.