SearchInform SIEM is designed to perform collection and automated analysis of various corporate system events in order to reveal threats and information security breaches. The complex mechanism of SearchInform SIEM operation boils down to a quite simple algorithm:

  • It collects events from different systems (network equipment, software, security
    tools, OS).
  • It structurizes data.
  • It analyzes data and reveals threats.
  • It detects incidents and notifies about them in real time.


  • Monitors accurately what employees are busy with, accurate within 1 second.
  • Monitors what programs employees use and what web-sites they visit.
  • Evaluates employees work efficiency.

Searchinform Data Loss Prevention System

SearchInform Data Loss Prevention (SearchInform DLP) is a recognized leader in the DLP market in Russia and CIS.

The product is used in many large companies working in almost any sector – from banking to engineering.