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Securing and Managing Enterprise Mobility.

Application control

Proget enables organizations to take manage and control applications on mobile devices. Applications can be delivered from an application store and can be configured to be installed automatically or manually by the device user. Applications can be both white and black listed. It is important for both security and management to ensure that all applications in use are the latest version, as often version releases contain important security enhancements. Applications can be individually managed at a granular level, to ensure that their usage is in line with company policies

Device management

Proget enables configuration of advanced security policies which can be enforced either at a group or individual device level. Profiles can be configured to deliver many of the key functions of the Proget solution, such as; Business Contacts Management, Location Services, Kiosk Mode, Mobile Threat Prevention and Geofencing to name but a few. Administrators also have the ability to use quick actions to lock a device, delete corporate data, wipe the device and also to use remote desktop to deliver support and assistance.

Audit and reporting

The Proget platform enables you to catalog all devices that are connected to the system Administrators can enter and get detailed information about protected devices. The system has the ability to add customised information about devices, which helps manage device history. Thanks to the systems advanced report module, administrators can generate reports with any data from the system, along with the option of configuring cyclical reporting and sending data to specified e-mail accounts.


Proget can create a dedicated business space on a device, which separates personal data from sensitive business data. Particularly important when users use their own device for work. As a result, administrators are able to manage and monitor the device and the business data to which it has access, whilst ensuring user privacy.


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