Bitdefender Total Security-Multi-Device review: A trust worthy anti-virus software

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Bitdefender Total Security -Multi -Device review: A trust worthy anti -virus software
Bitdefender Total Security -Multi-Device priced at Rs 999 which can be used by 3 users and the
software come with an expiry timeline of 1 year. Here is the full review of the software.
Bitdefender is a Romanian cybersecurity and anti -virus software company has released a new
anti-virus called ‘Total Security -Multi-Device’ all -in-one complete security shield. The
company has launched this software at a price point of Rs 999 which can be used by 3 users
and the software come with an expiry timeline of 1 year. We got the software to run it and
see how it is dierent or better from other anti -virus softw are in the market.
The installation process of the ‘Total Security -Multi-Device’ seems to be very easy, so it
doesn’t matter even if you don’t know how to install software on a PC. All you need to do is to
go on the ocial website of Bitdefender and sear ch for ‘Total Security -Multi-Device’ you will
get an option to download the le but before that, you need to make the payment. Once the
le is downloaded then you will receive a zip le which you have to unzip. After all this you
can easily install the software without any diculty, you need to put the licensed Key when
the software will ask you to put in. Once the software is installed you are all set to go. After
installing the Total Security -Multi-Device we have run a quick scan of our laptop. It to ok some
5 to 7 minutes roughly to scan all the drives and after that, it has shown the corrupted and
aected le which has to be deleted. We run the cleaning process and after the cleaning, we
have actually seen a performance increase in the laptop. Acco rding to company ‘Total
Security -Multi-Device’ is a Multi -layer ransomware protection to keep your les safe. It
optimized speed and cross -platform performance along with that Bitdefender VPN protects
Online presence. Apart from the performance improvemen t, we have also noticed the time to
time notication and suggestion from the software about the risk and the scan schedule. You
can also schedule the scan for every day.
The software emphasises the key features of protection, privacy and performance. Brin ging
Complete Data protection, Bitdefender Total Security works against all threats – from viruses,
worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero -day exploits, rootkits and spyware. With its
Advanced Threat defence, the unique behavioural detection technique, you could closely
monitor active apps. The moment it detects anything suspicious, it takes instant action to
prevent infections. Most important the software also supports Webcam Protection, Anti –
phishing, Anti -fraud and keeps the user’s les safe with secure d browsing. Furthermore, its
Anti-Theft and Anti -loss tools make the device accessible from anywhere in the world. The
software runs on Autopilot so you need not have to keep on scanning your computer all the
time. It runs the entire cybersecurity by itsel f with nothing to congure. With Bitdefender
Photon, adapt to the hardware and software conguration of the system in order to save
computing resources and improve speed and performance.
Moreover, the software protects the online presence by encrypting a ll Internet trac that
includes up to 200 MB daily encrypted tra c for Windows, Android devices.