Bitdefender Total Security 2019 Review: A Heavyweight Security Suite

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Bitdefender Total Security 2019 Review: A Heavyweight Security Suite
Bitdefender has been the experts choice when it comes to choosing the best security suite for
your Computers and that too for quite a while now. Recently, the company has rolled out a
new edition of the Bitdefender Total Security as a part of their latest Consumer security
solutions line-up for 2019.
The Bitdefender Total Security 2019 brings over some significant changes and refinements to
what we‟ve seen in past. It packs in almost every other feature that you‟d expect from a topend
security suite. With that being said, let‟s talk about the same in detail.
User Interface
The Interface on the new Bitdefender Total Security seems to be very intuitive and
informative at the same time. At first sight, you‟ll notice that the dark mode is gone or I
should say it is now limited to the sidebar.
The home screen mainly comprises all the essential things. Firstly, it shows in the protection
status of the machine on top followed by a dedicated “personal security advisor” which works
more or less similar to an Autopilot and suggests you the necessary actions based on device
analysis which you should take in order to protect your machine. Well, some may like it, some
may not, and unfortunately, there‟s no way you can disable it. The engine kept on showing
me suggestion to turn on Password Manager which I turned off manually; I wish to have an
option to hide the same in future updates.