Bitdefender announces layered next generation security platform with ‘Gravity Zone Elite Suite’

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Bitdefender announces layered next generation security platform with ‘Gravity Zone Elite
– Single unified console to manage optimized protection for desktops and servers, virtual and
physical machines, mobiles and email.
– Guard against all threats and attack vectors with firewall, intrusion detection, device
control and web filtering.
Make malware infections and system slowdowns a thing of the past with the #1 ranked
solution for protection and performance, Bitdefender announces the ‘layered next generation
security platform’ – Gravity Zone Elite suite, the comprehensive protection for desktops,
servers and mobile devices plus security and antispam for Exchange mailboxes all managed
from a single console.
Designed with a simple and integrated architecture with centralized management for both
endpoints and datacentre, Gravity Zone Elite Suite combines preventive controls, multi stage
non-signature detection techniques and automatic response.
Maintain high productivity and spotless reputation by avoiding data breaches:Bitdefender
security gives your business the advantage against every type of malware attack, and helps
you avoid business disruption, loss of Intellectual property, exposure of customer information,
and the resulting financial impact. Its HyperDetect™ -Blocks Attacks at Pre-execution.
Comprehensive security and efficient management: It provides comprehensive protection and
management. This helps modern IT environments address all attack vectors while eliminating
the overhead of managing multiple solutions.
Get full protection against all types of attacks, and improve productivity: Unlike other
solutions, which lack web protection and device control or charge a premium for such
capabilities, the software includes these features at no extra cost. The Sandbox Analyzer
enhances Targeted Attack Detection. Moreover, with User and Web Control capabilities
admins are able to restrict access to websites or applications that harm productivity
Save time with more efficient management:The bottom-up GravityZone design and
integration with Active Directory, Citrix XenServer, or VMware vCenter (available on-premise)
allow you to save time and streamline security processes, detect and Stop File-less Attacks
with Process Inspector. Rolling out protection to a large number of endpoints is also simplified
with auto-detection, uninstall of legacy solutions, and mass remote deployment mechanisms
Save money by minimizing security resource consumption:The scanning offload and the
advanced caching mechanisms minimize resource consumption for virtual or physical
machines. This allows you to save money by running more machines on the same
Speaking on the introduction of Bitdefender Elite Suite Security Software to Indian Markets,
Mr. Zakir Hussain, Director, BD soft, Country Partner of Bitdefender said, “Bitdefender ranks
no. 1 when it comes to Anti malware, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit and anti-spam
technologies. Having the top score on spam detection rates, the latest at Bitdefender ensures
consistent level of security protecting the enterprises against the full spectrum of
sophisticated cyber threats with speed, accuracy, low administrative overhead and minimal
system impact